About the Author

Colin Ramsden is currently serving as a Forensic Computing Analyst in the British Army's Royal Military Police (RMP), a position he has held since July 2007.

Prior to this appointment, he served within General Police Duities (GPD) Companies of the RMP.

During his time at his current position, Colin has attended and completed the following Forensic Computing courses:

Core Skills in Data Recovery and Analysis (National Police Improvement Agency)
EnCase Computer Forensics Basic (Guidance Software)
EnCase Computer Forensics Intermediate (Guidance Software)
EnCase Computer Forensics Advanced (Guidance Software)
Helix Live Forensics (CSI Tech)
FTK V3 (Forensic Tool Kit) Boot camp (Access Data)
Universal Forensic Extraction Device (CelleBrite)
Forensic Artefacts - Hands On (Distinction) (7Safe)
Computer Forensics Foundation Course (Cranfield University)
Forensic Internet Course (Cranfield University)
Forensic Network Course (Cranfield University)
Intermediate Study of Mac Forensics (Black Bag Tech)
C++ for non-C Programmers (QA Training)
Wireless Security - Hands On (Merit) (7Safe)
Hard Disk Drive Full Manufacturer Suite Technology Repair and Recovery Course (Computer Science Labs)
Advanced Hard Disk Drive Mechanical Repair and Recovery Training Course (Computer Science Labs)
RAID Systems Repair and Recovery Training Course (Computer Science Labs)
Reverse-Engineering Malware - (SANS)
Macintosh Forensics (Cranfield University)
Linux Forensics (Cranfield University)
Legal Issues (Cranfield University)
Forensic Programming - Python (Cranfield University)
FTK V4 (Forensic Tool Kit) Boot camp (Access Data)
Core Skills in Mobile Phone Forensics (Control-F)

Specialist Skillset:

8086 Assembly Language
68000 Assembly Language
Reverse Engineering
Major Contributor to WinFE

Colin is currently writing a thesis at Cranfield University for a Masters (MSc) degree within the forensic computing discipline.

Contact Information

Colin can be contated via email at the following address